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There are several avenues you can learn AI in free or  explore to delve into the world of AI for free! Here’s a breakdown of resources to get you started:

Free Online Courses:

Platforms like Coursera, edX, and Elements of AI offer introductory courses on AI fundamentals and applications. These courses provide a solid base for understanding core concepts.

YouTube Channels:

YouTube is a treasure trove of free AI learning! Channels like Crash Course and 3Blue1Brown offer engaging video lectures, tutorials, and demonstrations that break down complex topics into easily digestible chunks.

Additional Tips:

Consider your programming background:** Some courses might require basic Python skills. If you’re new to coding, there are numerous free resources to learn Python online.
Define your learning goals: Are you simply curious about AI, or do you have career aspirations? This will guide the depth of the courses you select.

Here are some search terms to find these free resources:

Free AI courses on Coursera, edX, Elements of AI
Crash Course AI on YouTube
3Blue1Brown machine learning on YouTube
Free Python courses online

Remember, while some free courses offer certificates, their weight might not match paid course certifications. The focus should be on grasping the fundamentals.

By exploring these free resources, you can gain a strong foundation in AI and discover whether you want to delve deeper into this fascinating field.

Learning AI for free is very feasible thanks to the plethora of resources available online. Here are some steps and resources to get you started:

Online Courses


Machine Learning by Stanford University: Taught by Andrew Ng, this is one of the most popular courses to get started with machine learning. It’s free to audit.
Deep Learning Specialization: Also by Andrew Ng, this specialization covers neural networks and deep learning. You can audit the courses for free.


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) by IBM: A foundational course in AI.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Columbia University: This course provides a broad introduction to AI. You can audit for free.


Intro to Artificial Intelligence: A free course offered by Udacity in collaboration with Georgia Tech.

Khan Academy:

Offers courses on mathematics and computer science which are crucial for understanding AI algorithms and techniques.

Educational Platforms
MIT OpenCourseWare:
Offers free course materials from a variety of MIT’s AI-related courses.

Harvard Open Learning Initiative:
Offers free course materials from Harvard’s computer science courses.

Online Tutorials and Books
– Offers free courses on deep learning and machine learning that are beginner-friendly and highly practical.

Google AI:

Provides free resources and tutorials on various AI topics, including machine learning and deep learning.

GitHub Repositories:

Many AI enthusiasts and researchers share their work on GitHub. Explore repositories like `awesome-machine-learning` or `awesome-deep-learning` for curated lists of resources.


“The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book” by Andriy Burkov: Available for free from the author’s website.
“Deep Learning” by Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio, and Aaron Courville: Available for free in HTML format.

Communities and Forums

Subeditors like r/Machine Learning, r/learn machine learning, and r/artificial are great for staying updated and getting help from the community.

 Stack Overflow:

A valuable resource for troubleshooting and learning from Q&A related to programming and AI.


An excellent platform for learning through practice. Participate in competitions, use their datasets, and follow their free courses.
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Practice and Projects
Participate in competitions and work on real-world datasets to improve your skills.

Google Colab:
Use this free cloud service to run your Python code and machine learning models without needing a powerful local machine.

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Personal Projects:
Start with simple projects like image classification, sentiment analysis, or predictive modeling. Gradually take on more complex projects as your skills improve.

Podcasts and YouTube Channels
1. Podcasts:
– Listen to AI-related podcasts like “Talking Machines” or “AI Alignment Podcast” to stay updated with the latest trends.

2.YouTube Channels:
Channels like 3Blue1Brown for mathematical concepts, Sentdex for practical AI tutorials, and Siraj Raval for a wide range of AI topics.

By leveraging these resources, you can build a strong foundation in AI without spending money. The key is consistency and practice. Good luck with your learning journey!

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