polite opposite word

The opposite of “polite” depends on the specific nuance you’re looking for. Here are some options:


Direct opposites:


Impolite: This is the most common and direct opposite, meaning lacking in good manners or consideration for others.

Rude: This implies a more deliberate lack of politeness, often involving harsh or disrespectful language or behavior.

Discourteous: This suggests a lack of kindness or consideration for others’ feelings, often in a more formal setting.

Shades of meaning:


Blunt: This means speaking directly and honestly, sometimes to the point of being insensitive.

Abrupt: This describes someone who is curt and to the point, lacking in pleasantries or formalities.

Informal: This means not following strict social etiquette, which can come across as impolite in some situations.

Presumptuous: This implies assuming an unwarranted level of familiarity or privilege, which can be seen as rude.

Brash: This describes someone who is bold and outspoken, sometimes to the point of being offensive.

Ultimately, the best opposite word for “polite” depends on the specific context and the intended meaning.


I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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