The Police Act, 1861

The objective of the Police Act, 1861 is to re-organize the police and to make it a more efficient instrument for the prevention and detection of crime. It says every State Government establishes its own police force which is formally enrolled. The force consists of such a number of officers and men and is constituted in such manner as the State Government may decide from time to time. The overall administration of the police in the entire State is vested in the Director-General of Police.


The administration of police in every district vests in the District Superintendent of Police under the general control and direction of the District Magistrate who is usually the Collector of the district.


Every police officer appointed to the police force other than the Inspector-General of Police (or Deputy or Assistant Inspector General of Police) and the District Superintendent of Police (or Assistant District Superintendent of Police) receives a certificate in the prescribed form by virtue of which he is vested with the powers, functions, and privileges of a police officer. The certificate shall cease to be effective and shall be returned forthwith when the police officer ceases to be a police officer.

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